A few weeks ago I released a free font of my print handwriting. In just a week it had been downloaded 5,000 times; in two weeks, over 11,000 users have installed it. Someone in the world downloads the font on average every two minutes.

A quick glance at the download map shows that people are using the font in Norway, India, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, France (it’s apparently popular in Paris), Brasil, Chile, Australia, Japan, all fifty of the United States and many other countries.

If you’d like to download the font free, you can get it here at dafont.com.

Installation instructions:

    1. Save to desktop.
    2. Right click icon of font file and copy.
    3. Go to Control Panel —> Fonts – this will open up the font folder
    4. Right click anywhere in the folder and paste the file, then close the window. You’re done – the font “tabor handwriting” is installed and ready to use in MS Word, etc.
    5. Click and drag the original downloaded file into the Recycle Bin. Since you’ve copied it to the Fonts folder, you don’t need the download anymore.

Let me know how you’ve used the font by sending an e-mail to mktabor@gmail.com [e-mail link opens in a new window] or leaving a comment on this post.