Browse the 112th Carnival of Education Midway

The Carnival of Education is a weekly roundup of salient blog posts and articles from the the education blogosphere hosted by The Education Wonks.

Some highlights from this week’s midway:

  • Edspresso follows up Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s resistance to a $200 million gift to fund charter schools.
  • Going to the Mat examines measuring teacher effectiveness using the same Sabermetric analysis employed by Moneyball-driven baseball teams.
  • Joanne Jacobs reveals that interdisciplinary projects are often heavy on the art and light on academics.
  • Cold Spring Shops reinforces the obvious: if teachers want more pay, they’re going to have to do better.
  • Dr. Madeline Daniels explains the self-fulfilling prophecy of how encouraging legitimate self-esteem brings real achievement.

And, of course, my entry about the Advanced Placement philosophy.

A note from the Wonks:

Next Week’s Carnival midway will be hosted by Matthew Paulson over at Getting Green. Contributors are invited to send submissions to: ggreenblog [at] hotmail [dot] com , or use this handy submission form. Entries should be received no later than Tuesday, April 3, 2007. Please include the title of your post and its URL, if possible. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the midway should open next Wednesday morning.

Many thanks and a hearty welcome to the first-time readers who are visiting Education for the Aughts by way of the Carnival.

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  1. Cold Spring Shops - CARNIVAL CALL.... The Education Wonks host Carnival of Education ......

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