Highlights from the 116th Carnival of Education

The Carnival is back at The Education Wonks this week. There are posts about everything from technology in schools to Virginia Tech, so come and get it – you’ll most certainly find something that interests you.

This week’s All-Star Team:

  • Dangerously Irrelevant addresses two of the most salient issues in education: leadership and technology. The Carnival linked to one of his posts, but after reading for an hour, I’ve got to recommend his entire site.
  • Textbook Evaluator makes consecutive All-Star Teams with a thoughtful post on curriculum and how we think about education. We’re distrustful, we can’t back it up with much, anything goes, and the textbook companies will put things in order if we don’t. Eeep.
  • Education in Texas details the war of attrition between a motivated, effective teacher and her administration. Guess who won?
  • Polski3 makes the best of that undesirable end-of-year curricular panic.
  • Three Standard Deviations to the Left tells us why administration talks to us like we’re idiots. He means teachers, but “us” suffices for students, parents, teachers, and the community.
  • Right on the Left Coast endorses his opponent for all the right reasons.
  • The Education Wonks tell us about James Calderwood, the Eagle Scout who earned every possible merit badge – 122 in total. Are there any teachers who have passed every single PRAXIS?

You can read the entire Carnival, including my submission about the Texas teacher fired for maintaining grading standards.

A note about next week’s Carnival, hosted by Dr. Homeslice:

Next Week’s Carnival midway will be hosted by Dr. Homeslice. Contributors are invited to send submissions to: drhomeslice [at] hotmail [dot] com , or use this handy submission form. Entries should be received no later than 9:00 PM (Eastern) Tuesday, May 1, 2007. Please include the title of your post, and its URL, if possible. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the midway should open next Wednesday morning.

If you’re interested in some other good stuff [not just education], you can see the best of what I’ve read this week by going to my

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  1. Scott McLeod says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words about Dangerously Irrelevant. I appreciate the support!

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