top is a Purveyor of Ultra Right-Wing Insanity? Since When?

One of the sites I have in my RSS reader is, “The Internet’s #1 Source for Education News and Information.” I gloss over some of the articles on the oft-covered topics, but I generally read 100% of the content that comes through their RSS feed.

The other day an article came through called “Purdue University Weighs in on WTC Collapse.” Good stuff, I thought – I like when University teams showcase research on a topic that has mass interest, and Purdue is certainly credible. Then I saw that the article was by Lynn Stuter of


If you aren’t familiar with NewsWithViews, it’s an ultra-right wing opinion site in the style of Alex Jones’ The main difference between NWV and Jones’ PrisonPlanet is that you’ve never heard of the writers on NWV. A few highlights from their front page:

“Those who are aware of history will undoubtedly know of the startling similarities of the policies of a National Socialist Germany, just prior to the time of world war two, and the current policies of the United States. Those who are so unfortunate as to have obtained their education in one of the many woeful schools of our national public educational system today would be well served to pick up a history book, if one can be found that hasn’t been revised to reflect the politically correct garbage presently being force fed to our students, and acquaint themselves with the historical political events of the Third Reich, which eventually led to the destruction of Germany, and which bear a remarkable resemblance to the political agenda being played out by our government today.”

Noted, Jim.

I’m a pretty conservative guy, but NewsWithViews encompasses every bit of paranoid, unhinged thought on the right and eliminates any legitimate points from conservative/libertarian philosophy. Put more simply, all of the bad, none of the good and some outright hate as an unnecessary garnish.

Just because a site is generally worthless/offensive doesn’t mean that every article will be, so I gave Stuter’s piece a shot. It’s a screed that lets loose point after tired, illegitimate point in the 9/11 Truther debate. According to Stuter, each element of Purdue’s presentation is either dumb or just another extension of the conspiracy:

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that according to the Purdue University scientist re-creation, WTC 1 should have fallen first, WTC 2 second. But that didn’t happen; the building that sustained the greatest central core damage fell second. This fact alone tends to discredit the Purdue University scientists’ “theory” of why the buildings fell.”

She goes on:

“And how is it that the three buildings, WTC 1, 2, and 7, all fell at near free-fall speed, right into their footprints, just as neat as you please? Had any of these buildings toppled, the resulting damage and destruction would have been extensive. But by some miracle or coincidence, not one of these three buildings did. There is no such thing as a coincidence.”

Near the end, she concludes that:

“Unfortunately, the Purdue University simulation fails to answer ALL the questions arising from the fall of WTC 1, 2 and 7, making it very obvious that the simulation isn’t even close to credible even though carrying the name of the prestigious Purdue University.”

Why? Federal funding.

“The Purdue University simulation was produced with the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) who, in their own words, is “an independent US government agency responsible for promoting science and engineering through research programs and education projects.” While one might assume this means they aren’t subject to government control and influence, such an assumption would be grossly inaccurate. NSF is funded by the federal government. What the federal government funds, the federal government controls.”

It goes on and on. It fits well with the advertisements for “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings,” a book about how fluoride in water is actually a plot to kill us all and “Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie to Parents and Betray our Children.” I’m a critic of several facets of public education, but this is ridiculous. You can read Stuter’s full, unhinged archive if you choose.

This isn’t the first time has shilled for the crazies at NewsWithViews – a search for “newswithviews” pulls up 20 other articles on EdNews. I understand that intellectual diversity is the most important factor in the education debate – and I am a proponent for such diversity as much as anyone in the blogosphere – but EdNews needs to have some standards. NewsWithViews doesn’t come close to being a legitimate source of material for the education debate., why do you accept feeds from NewsWithViews? Will you continue?

I’ve submitted a comment to them regarding their association with NWV. I’ll post their response if I get one.

2 Responses to “ is a Purveyor of Ultra Right-Wing Insanity? Since When?”

  1. Dana says:

    Now I get it…such a striking similarity between the modern US, (what with being a world power…superpwer even, a massive economy where individual states rank higher in their GDP than entire countries) and the Germany of the 20′s and 30′s. I never put two and two together before.

    The funny thing is, as much as I dislike NCLB, it does seem to be in response to the very things Mr. Jim is concerned about…the rewriting of history, whole language and “new math.”

    That guy’s stuff is hard to read. I envy your tenaciousness. Or ability to sift through nonsense. I got stuck where he started going on about how the war is like Germany’s claim for territory. There was some kind of leap of logic I cannot follow. When he does away with elections and crowns himself emperor, I will listen to these nuts. Until then…well, I don’t know what. They drive me nuts.

    The first time I read about the Illuminati, they were headed up by a race of alien lizard people. I don’t think I have ever completely let that image go.

  2. Matthew says:

    I try to read regularly several sites that range from bad to heinous – I like to keep my fingers on the pulse of as many things as possible. I think there’s value in understanding the stuff on the fringe. However…

    I expect a a site like EdNews to have higher standards. They need to do some quality control with their feed because valueless garbage like NewsWithViews has no place in the education debate.

    If you’re ever feeling like you’re a little crazy, NWV’s a good read. No matter how bad it is for you, you’ll feel pretty normal after 15 minutes reading their articles.

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