FAMU Hires New Law School Dean

welcome to FAMU, mr. pernell

FAMU has hired Leroy Pernell, formerly of Northern Illinois University, to oversee the Law School. The Gradebook cited a press release from NIU that announced Pernell’s departure; the Gradebook reports that:

“FAMU has not made an announcement naming a new dean, and The Gradebook could not reach FAMU communications officials this morning.”

Odd, but certainly not FAMU’s oddest move.

The NIU press release said Pernell is “convinced that he can provide positive leadership in an enterprise that is ‘emotionally close to my heart and symbolic of the very reason why I have dedicated my professional life to legal education.’”

Pernell, as The Gradebook points out, has a lot to do:

  • Work through the ABA accreditation process [and that might get tougher for FAMU, says]
  • Deal with faculty quality issues such as the Victoria Dawson debacle
  • Repair damaged credibility in the legal field, public eye and among their own student body

I wish Mr. Pernell the best.

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UPDATE at 11.53pm, 08.08.07:

There’s a somewhat sensible explanation for FAMU not releasing information of Pernell’s hiring – the Board of Trustees has to approve him first. NIU shouldn’t have jumped the gun, for sure.

2 Responses to “FAMU Hires New Law School Dean”

  1. David Mackey says:

    Well, I guess as the organization losing the individual, I’d want to speak up first as well.

  2. Matthew says:

    I think that NIU acted in poor taste here – they really should have waited until FAMU made their announcement. It’s standard practice in business, education and elsewhere.

    Having said that, the sun will still rise over Florida tomorrow. FAMU’s sure had it worse than someone else jumping the gun on a press release.

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