Link Roundup: State History, Technology, Hillsborough, and Book Reviews

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Here’s a quick roundup of some of the discussions that have gone on at this site – and in the larger blogosphere – over the last week or so:

How much importance do we place on teaching state/local history?

This is an excellent discussion that comes from three different – and at times very different – perspectives. I think we’re getting somewhere.

How do we go about using blogs in education?

First, I want to thank David again for participating in such candid discussion. It’s worth noting when a professional is willing to engage in difficult debate, but I suppose that’s one of the many reasons why he’s an authority in education technology. I had a great deal of respect for David and his work before this exchange – and that has only increased.

Second, this volley is, in my opinion, pretty good stuff. We’re addressing difficult issues on an emerging and potentially valuable technology. You should weigh in, too.

… and what in the world is happening in Hillsborough County?

I’m going to think for a day or so before responding re: Hillsborough.

In the meantime, check out recent reviews of John Pearson’s “Learn Me Good.” and Linda Perlstein’s “Tested.” When you’re done with those two, don’t despair; next week I’ll post a review for Dennis Fermoyle’s “In the Trenches.”

It is Labor Day weekend… you should have time to read all these links because hey, you’re not working!

One Response to “Link Roundup: State History, Technology, Hillsborough, and Book Reviews”

  1. John says:

    Good to see someone defending the teaching of local and state history. Both are often neglected.

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