Vote on the 2007 Weblog Awards: Best Education Blog

2007 weblog awards, best education blog

I won’t lie – I’ve waited a long time to be mentioned in the same breath as Mark Cuban and Curt Schilling. And I assume that breath is deep enough to support reading aloud the list of finalists for all 49 categories of the 2007 Weblog Awards.

I’m pleased to have traversed successfully the nomination gauntlet for the 2007 Best Education Blog award. There are 10 of us in total and we range from well-seated edublogosphere behemoths to some smaller guy’n'gals like me. I’m honored to be considered for an award along with such an accomplished, insightful crowd – it’s certainly encouraging.

Voting for Best Education Blog is quick and easy – there’s no registration. From now until polls close on November 8, you can just click this link, the Finalist badge on the right sidebar of my site or the endnote of my RSS feeds to give me a nod.

And remember, you can vote once every 24 hours. I recommend telling your 50,000 closest friends and colleagues about the awards, preferably encouraging them to toss a vote my way.

The winners of the Awards will be announced on November 8th at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas.

So, vote early and vote often – it only takes a few seconds. If you’ve got a blog of your own, I ask you to promote the Awards and ask your readers to vote. The more exposure the education blogosphere can get, the better.

Let the handshaking and baby-kissing begin!

6 Responses to “Vote on the 2007 Weblog Awards: Best Education Blog”

  1. You are shameless. I will vote for you anyway.

    Actually, I’m voting once every twenty-four hours for each blogger on my roll, and you were there! :)

  2. Frumteacher says:

    Congrats on the nomination!
    I’m afraid though that we don’t have a chance to beat those online schoolmagazines… :-(

  3. SuperAngel says:

    Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday, and for visiting. I had no clue that you would still be coming by.
    Glad you enjoy my blog tho.
    I voted for you. You do a great job of reporting about education.
    Congrats on the nomination!!
    As Always,

  4. Matthew says:


    You got it – it appears to be a battle for third. I’m a little puzzled as to why the committee thought those top two were education blogs, but that’s an argument for another day…

    I’m just pleased that the entire process, including the huge list of nominations, turned me on to several great education blogs that I previously hadn’t come across.

  5. Matthew says:


    Thanks for the kind words – to say it’s encouraging is an understatement. I add great blogs whenever I encounter them – yours especially is refreshing because it’s rare to come across good commentary/content from a student perspective. I suppose that our blogs influence people more than we sometimes know!

  6. Pippy says:

    Congratulations on the nomination!

    To Matthew,

    I can’t speak for IvyGate, but the James Logan Courier is definitely an education blog. I’m sure that not every single article posted has complete educational value, but we work had to post interesting and informative information each day.

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