Two Million Minutes Screening in Palo Alto, California – Wednesday, December 5

two million minutes in menlo park



A heads up to those who will be in the South Bay area on December 5th – Two Million Minutes will be screened at Landmark’s Aquarius Theatre in Palo Alto for a limited audience of 300:

Both Bob Compton, Executive Producer, and Tim Draper, Managing Director of Silicon Valley venture firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (an expert in the film, quoted as saying, “America is the one country in the world that doesn’t seem to recognize that it’s in competition for the great minds and the capital of the world,”) will be screening the film and participating in a roundtable discussion afterwards.

Details are as follows:

WHEN: Wednesday, December 5th at 7:30pm

WHERE: Landmark’s Aquarius Theatre
430 Emerson Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

If you’d like to attend, you can contact Meg Charlebois at Dittoe Public Relations [e-mail: ; phone: 317.202.2280, ext. 11] for an invitation. Seating is limited to 300 – spouses/guests welcome – so I assume that reserving a spot sooner rather than later would be wise.

There are several reasons to attend this screening:

It’s remarkable and provocative. You can get a taste of 2MM by reading my early thoughts on the film and browsing the latest news on 2MM’s What Should America Do? blog. Check out Neil Ahrendt’s blog, too – he’s one of the two American students featured in the film.

It generates discussion. And not the typical mealy-mouthed education discussion, either. Read The Christian Science Monitor’s report on the Nov. 2 Harvard screening of 2MM – I expect the Menlo Park screening to bring lively discussion with plenty of informed, accomplished figures in business, technology, finance and education.

Aquarius Theatre is a fine place to watch a film [Note - venue change from Guild Theatre]. If the seriousness of purpose that 2MM carries doesn’t do it for you, the venue should. Aquarius Theatre, a staple in Palo Alto since 1969 – whose credits include debuting Francis Ford Coppola’s early offerings – exhibits a rare, simple charm [not unlike Brookline's Coolidge Corner Theatre]. You can get directions to the Theatre here.

If you attend the screening, drop me an e-mail – we can talk a bit about what you’ve seen, what you discussed and what you think we should do next.

3 Responses to “Two Million Minutes Screening in Palo Alto, California – Wednesday, December 5”

  1. I’d really wanted to see this film but was told early on at the box office that it was “by invitation only.”

    Are you showing it again in Palo Alto? I heard nothing about it after the showing. Maybe you could use more exposure??

    Pamela D. Kimball

  2. Amanda Sena says:

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    To get more information about Viewpoint Learning and the work they’ve done, check them out at:

  3. Amanda,

    Why is this limited to Californians? Any idea?

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