Hartwick High School Varsity Basketball Team, 1948-1949

The Hartwick High Huskies Varsity Basketball team, 1948-1949 season.

The caption reads:

Seated: Frederick Baker, John Hurtubise, William Hurtubise, Captain, John Burns, John Mistretta.

Standing: Coach William E. Dalrymple, Joseph Orlando, Robert Caskey, Donald Gras.

That ’48-49 season was a tough one. The gym, which also served as the Community Center, was gutted by fire in 1948. The basketball team practiced in the snow that season. They played their “home” games on opponents’ courts, losing their first 16 before winning their final 2 games.

Binghamton’s Sunday Press, March 6, 1953, gives some additional context for the Hartwick sports of this era:

“The Hartwick School in this Otsego crossroads contains 26 boys and no gym. Of the eligible males 23 play varsity or J.V. basketball in the low white wooden hall next to the feed mill.”

More on this later.

One Response to “Hartwick High School Varsity Basketball Team, 1948-1949”

  1. Alicia Gras says:

    They guy standing all the way to the right is my grandfather (Donald Gras)! Pretty cool to see his high school basketball pic. He’ll be tickled when I show him this.

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