Poll: Do You Know William Arrowsmith?

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It’s a simple question, really – you know him or you don’t.

Since I don’t know what you know or don’t know, the best way to find out is to ask. Do you know William Arrowsmith? Please choose an answer below, it’ll only take a second.

And when you answer, answer honestly. Not only does no one likes a cheater, but there’s a relatively-unknown circle of Hell reserved for those who cheat using Google.

I’ve wanted to write something up about a few of Arrowsmith’s points for years now. I started re-reading a piece to think about how I’d approach it when I realized that I have absolutely no clue whether anyone knows the man or his work.

So, these results, albeit from a small sample size, will give me an idea of how to approach this project. [I also get to test out this nifty AJAX WordPress poll plugin].


5 Responses to “Poll: Do You Know William Arrowsmith?”

  1. Wow.. that’s a pretty nifty poll plug in.

    And nope, I don’t know William Arrowsmith. I’m looking forward to reading what you have to write about him.

  2. Ashley Burr says:

    Nope never heard of him so all the more reason for you to write something and educate us.

  3. I’m mystified and I’m sure when I find out I will feel really stupid, right? I can’t wait to find out.

  4. I think that only the Classicists come across Arrowsmith at this point, with the odd scholar knowing him from a famous essay or two. He’s not a name that floats through the education schools. I’m a little surprised that even 3 people voted Yes.

    I’m excited to re-read some of his material and finally start putting my thoughts together. Hopefully it won’t take *too* long… but it probably will.

  5. Don Hamilton says:

    William Arrowsmith came to the University of Texas at Austin but was gone just a bit before I did graduate work there in the early 70s. He left behind a reputation as a bright and lively fellow, and the folks I met there who knew him had a fond regard for him. I have also read one or two of his translations of Greek plays, and I am familiar in a general way with his sour outlook on American academia.


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