School’s Closed: Here’s Why

There’s plenty of heavy, wet snow on Christian Hill [formerly Wood Hill].

Not pictured: Polar bears rejoicing at the invigoration of their habitat, Al Gore stumbling to find an explanation, former UK government officials re-spinning snowfall to blame Israel for global warming, very cold Chinese marveling at solidarity with Americans who don’t have four-wheel drive.

2 Responses to “School’s Closed: Here’s Why”

  1. Gary says:

    Ahh, the beauty of ice and the great outdoors. You walk out the door to marvel at the grand artwork of Mother Nature.

    Then you slip, fall and land square on your back. Until someone comes to see if you shattered your spine, you enjoy the new angle at the scenery around you. How relaxing!

    As you lie there contemplating the future of your tail bone, you also debate with yourself whether that numb feeling in your back is from the black ice or a broken vertebrae.

    Peace and joy returns.

  2. I agree that it’s safer to stand still and look than to actually move around in the stuff. I slipped on the driveway the other day. I avoided a fall, but I strained a muscle in my shoulder during my jerky reaction and it still kills. Aleve to the rescue!

    Well, Wal-Mart’s knockoff version of Aleve.

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