Happy Valentine’s Day, Education Blogosphere: A Poem

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Hopefully your Day will encompass all the warmth and sweetness of this ferret scene.

Eduwonkette’s got a Valentine’s Day-themed poetry contest running strong. Some are light-hearted and giggly, others are kinda morbid. I like most of them, they’re worth a read.

I think my favorite comes from NYCeducator:

To Joel Klein:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My school’s over 250% capacity,
Can my 5th period class meet in your office?

That one got a real life EL-OH-EL.

So, here’s my humble submission, doggerel though it may be. I’ve embraced web 2.0 and put in lots of links, from opinion essays to blog posts to tired, fluff-ridden videos.

There’s even a point at the end – and a call for a gentle armistice. Enjoy!

Roses are red,

Overalls are dapper,

Let’s blame racism, poverty, repressive Rethuglican leadership, NCLB/all standardized tests [<---warning: unbearably hokey YouTube link], low teacher pay, failure to recognize and cater to multiple intelligences, evil charters and lack of SMART boards for our public education failures,

While teacher and administrator GRE scores are in the crapper*. [PDF, opens in new window, see pages 18-20]

But for Valentine’s Day, let’s all just hug! <33333

*Seriously, a mean in the 900s is terrible. Won’t more education professionals admit this?

4 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day, Education Blogosphere: A Poem”

  1. Colin says:

    I have absolutely no idea what point the Multiple Intelligences post was trying to make.

  2. Touching!

    Touch touch touch.

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    It’s the little hanges that make the most importsnt changes.

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