How to Spend Your Saturday

I recommend reading the 173rd Carnival of Education held at Bluebird’s Classroom. As usual, lots of great posts.

Having already read through the Carnival, I’ll read the copy of the NAS journal Academic Questions that came in the mail today. This issue’s theme is ‘The Military and Higher Education’ and includes what appears to be an excellent piece about historians’ interpretations of the Vietnam War.

My Handwriting is Prettier Than Barack H. Obama’s

You can be the judge. Perhaps in the event of an Obama victory, he’ll make me Minister of Pens and Letters?

Charlotte Valley School: Flagless

From today’s Letters in The Daily Star:

I just returned home from another school event at the Charlotte Valley Central School in Davenport. Once again, at this event, there was no American flag displayed nor was the Pledge of Allegiance recited. Whatever happened to the custom of honoring our country before school events? When I was growing up, we did so at the start of any school event.

As my wife and I left the school, we asked the principal, Mr. Whaley, where was the flag and why did they not pledge to the flag at the start? He really had no idea on what to say by the totally lost look on his face. Then he said, “Well, we do it in the morning.”

In this time when our troops are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for our freedoms, I think it is the least we can do to honor them!

We were asked to please vote on the school budget before we left, so we did, and voted no. We cannot support a school administration that does not have the decency to honor our country and troops.

Displaying the American flag isn’t too much to ask. Given the state of our country, CVS demonstrates poor taste in their choice to relegate the flag to the status of, “Well, we do it in the morning.”

Some of us are Americans 24 hours a day, Mr. Whaley – including weekends!

But I’m not surprised that Principal Edgar Whaley was disinterested and largely unresponsive. It’s a rare thing for a member of the public to question an administrator.

Here’s what Mr. Whaley could have – and should have – said to the concerned couple:

“You’re right, there wasn’t a flag here and we should have one. I’ll take care of it immediately. Thank you for letting me know.”

Unless, of course, he has no interest in the issue – then he could have been just as honest and stated that. Instead, these folks got a dismissive response.

If one wants to contact CVS, they have to check a box stating “I would appreciate a response.” One would think that a polite response, or at least an acknowledgment of having received a note, would be standard. Not so:

I’m not going to pretend like the display of the American flag is going to make or break a school system,  and CVS has its share of problems that won’t be fixed by a flag. But it’s precisely these little things – small things that are important to the community, are easily fixed, and over which a school has total control – that need to be taken care of promptly.

I’m not about to check a box to let someone know that I expect my comments to be taken seriously, so I guess I’ll have to call tomorrow.

And to CVS or anyone else, you can get a flag flown at Mt. Vernon for a scant $49.95.

Memorial Day

An American Trilogy

Take it away, EP – you make a fine introduction to another Memorial Day Weekend. [RSS readers click here for video]

An American Trilogy is one of the finest songs to express the complexity of Memorial Day, and Elvis’s version is the best. Sorry, Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck.

These two Swedes do a fine job – it’s a must-watch – but EP gives ya goosebumps.

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