My Handwriting is Prettier Than Barack H. Obama’s

You can be the judge. Perhaps in the event of an Obama victory, he’ll make me Minister of Pens and Letters?

5 Responses to “My Handwriting is Prettier Than Barack H. Obama’s”

  1. Brian Nelson says:

    Looks like your pen is going dry…

  2. It’s a Vis-a-Vis wet erase marker, not quite as sharp on scrap paper.

  3. Ah… you’re bringing back memories for me with those Vis-a-Vis markers…My hands would be stained with color at the end of the day after doing so much work at the overhead projector.

    And yes, your handwriting is MUCH nicer. :-)

  4. Grapho says:

    Interesting that you commented on Obama’s handwriting. I am a handwriting analyst and have put up a full sample of Obama’s handwriting with a description of his personality derived from the handwriting.

    And by the way, handwriting analysis can be used successfully in education to uncover children’s problems such as school bullying and inability to adapt etc.You may find it interesting.

  5. bananagrams says:

    You’re comparing it to his signature. Most signatures are generally sloppy and difficult to read so they can’t be easily forged.

    Just sayin’.

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