Move America Forward – Contribute to the Largest Care Package Drive in History

Move America Forward is an unprecedented fundraiser to send packages to our soldiers in the Middle East – you can make contributions both small and large.

And I don’t care how much you’re paying for gas – cut something out for a day or two and drop a gift to our troops.

Two men who I knew – neither close friends, but both were men who I’m proud to have known – served in Iraq and are gone. One was killed there, the other after his discharge. Last week I came up with a list of people I knew from high school and college who are serving or have served in Iraq/Afghanistan. It wasn’t a short list.

Since my name isn’t on that list, and yours likely isn’t either, the least we can do is send a few gifts their way to show our love and appreciation.

As I listened to today’s broadcast, the hosts relayed a call from a veteran of the Vietnam War. He said that in 1967, he received a Christmas package from someone unknown – it was a random send – filled with cookies. It was the only Christmas present he got that year, and he’s never forgotten that.

Again, take a minute to throw our guys and gals some gifts. They, like that Vietnam vet, won’t ever forget it.

A live stream of the event, which is loaded with all sorts of personalities, is at HotAir.

marlboro marine

2 Responses to “Move America Forward – Contribute to the Largest Care Package Drive in History”

  1. Sandlee Fairbanks says:

    You all are AWESOME. We put all our Love, Trust, Respect and Prayers towards YOU daily. You are such a Blessing to us.

  2. Chyna says:

    I can’t beevile I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

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