Carnival of Education


Joanne Jacobs is hosting this week’s Carnival of Education, and it’s one of the best in a long time. I spent 2 days de-screwing my computer just in time for the AC adapter to break, so I didn’t get a submission in – or any posts written, for that matter.

Some articles worth reading:

  • Matthew Ladner [on Jay Greene's site] ushers in some common sense about inadequate schools being trusted with the physical health of students.
  • Nancy Flanagan has doubts about John McCain’s ability to lead on education because he doesn’t use computers. “… if you have never participated in live web conferencing, or read the first 100 comments on just about any Daily Kos blog, your ideas about policy-making are severely limited, and one-dimensional.” Golly gee, I’m so out of touch I should probably just quit blogging.
  • Darren of Right on the Left Coast is a “Predator.” Thankfully, not the Chris Hansen kind.
  • Robert at Casting out Nines examines readiness in math.

And a note about next week’s Carnival:

Bellringers will host the Aug. 20 Carnival of Education. Use the carnival submission form to submit your favorite post of the week or e-mail to mybellringers (at) gmail (dot) com. The deadline is Tuesday, Aug. 19 at 6 pm Central time.

4 Responses to “Carnival of Education”

  1. Missed the point, Matt. The fact that McCain hasn’t read the first 100 comments on any of Michelle Malkin’s blogs is equally relevant. The guy doesn’t access or pay attention–doesn’t know how to pay attention–to the prevailing discourse. Someone has to read the emerging dialogue for him.

    This “I don’t pay attention to what other policymakers and opinion leaders are thinking” mantra has a familiar ring to it. No?

  2. Nancy,

    My comment wasn’t partisan – I used the Daily Kos because you did. The first 100 comments on HotAir or LGF are equally irrelevant.

    I’d rather that my President, whether it’s John McCain or Barack Obama, did things other than read blog comments.

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