NEA: 19 Calls and Letters to a 6-Year Old

Mr. Pullen, The Elementary Educator, has written an open letter to the NEA. He’s just received his 19th call/letter from the National Education Association requesting that he vote for their preferred candidate. Here’s the postcard:

The problems? Mr. Pullen explains:

1. This makes 19 times you’ve contacted Josh Pullen to try to persuade him to vote for Barack Obama (through 9 pieces of mail and 10 phone calls). Once was fine, twice was tolerable, but 19 contacts is ridiculous.

2. Your staffer should at least know how to spell Senator Obama’s first name correctly.

3. Josh Pullen, this person you’ve contacted 19 times, is MY SON. HE IS SIX YEARS OLD.

Please make it stop.

The NEA and its brethren consistently moan about low pay for teachers, shortfalls in school budgets, teachers buying their own supplies, etc. If you’ve got an example of hardship and martyrdom, someone at the AFT or NEA is whining about it.

All these gripes – and many of them are real problems – and the NEA spends its time, money and other resources on contacting a 6-year old 19 times. I understand that Mr.  Pullen is in Michigan, but c’mon.

10 Responses to “NEA: 19 Calls and Letters to a 6-Year Old”

  1. It’s very easy to cause a campaign to do that (by submitting the name in different ways and different places) and very difficult for a campaign to spot it and to weed out the duplicates.

    Consequently, this sort of this is a favorite tactic of a smear campaign, to make it look like the other campaign is wasteful or stupid, when you yourself have manufactured the result you are railing against.

    Not saying that this happened here, necessarily – but not saying it didn’t. It would be foolish to jump to a conclusion either way.

  2. Stephen,

    You may be the most intellectually dishonest person in the education blogosphere. There are others who compete from time to time, but you’ve got a lock on that first lifetime achievement award.

  3. Jared Stein says:

    I just found it ten minutes ago but already I love this web site.

  4. Jared,

    Glad to see you on Twitter – if you like what you read, please tell your closest 50,000 friends and family!

  5. Figures it’s a Democrat. Figures also it’s from Michigan. I apologise profusely for my home state.

  6. That’s the NEA lobbying for their preferred candidate – no gripes there. They can lobby how they want just like any other business or union.

    19 efforts and then yelling at us about how underfunded schools are, and how NEA members are day-to-day bootstrappers? That’s what I disapprove of.

  7. Mark says:

    I am the “Mr. Pullen” referenced here, and I have to say that I laughed out loud at Stephen saying that maybe I’m part of a “smear campaign” against Obama. You can go ahead and trust that I didn’t work for my son’s inclusion in any mailing lists. Good grief — everyone is a conspiracy theorist.

  8. Mark,

    I posted this because I thought it was a a funny indication of this election cycle. I didn’t think for a second that it was a partisan post. That’s why I described it as the NEA lobbying for “their preferred candidate” instead of something tendentious like “shilling for the Democrats” – I considered this politically neutral.

    I wasn’t sure whether Stephen meant that you were a smear artist or I was for reposting it. Eh, it’s probably both!

    My question is… do the Rethuglican operatives pay you via PayPal, certified check or money order? They put stacks of bills in lunchboxes for me.

  9. Al Czervic says:


    I’m going to have to start visiting your site daily. I’ve been here before, but have been remiss in not attending regularly. ;-)

    Thanks for the advice on the Glucosamine.

    As for education persons starving, an interesting read is the Middletown-Times-Herald-Record’s spreadsheet publication of teacher’s salaries in the Orange-Ulster-Sullivan counties. It’s located on the front page of:

    Also of interest are the salaries at SUCO, found at my site. I find it fascinating that the President of SUCO makes $220,000/year, takes in $4,500/month in housing allowance, gets a car and gasoline, as well as health and pension bennies of 35%.

    See you down the blog,

    Al Czervic
    “The Catskill Commentator”

  10. kitty says:

    Your staffer should at least know how to spell Senator Obama’s first name correctly


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