An Online Degree Site That’s Easier to Navigate

If you subscribe to any education-related newsletters – or about a billion like I do – your screen drips with ads for online degrees and distance learning opportunities.

… and sites that offer, facilitate and aggregate online degrees and distance learning opportunities. At a certain point you just stop paying attention.

Throw into the mix that some programs are good, some are bad and some are even worse.

“An Online Degree by Distance Learning” – aptly named, I suppose – gives the quick and dirty version. Not a million choices, just the top three as determined by AODDL.

Do any of the programs interest me? Not especially, and my ‘top three’ list would likely be different, but I do appreciate the simplicity. The reality is that, as far as online-only outfits go, they’re all quite similar. If it’s accredited, you’re in business. There’s more variation in quality between brick-and-mortar institutions that offer online degrees.

Here’s a few recent news items about online programs:

And while you’re at it, check out Hubert Dreyfus’ “On the Internet,” a seminal treatise on the promises and pitfalls of mass education via the internet. The second edition comes out in a month – the first edition was one of the more provocative, important books I’ve read in the last 5 or 6 years.

3 Responses to “An Online Degree Site That’s Easier to Navigate”

  1. JTHRC says:

    I help people figure out how they are going to pay college bills. On 2 occasions I have counseled people out of very expensive $38,000 on-line Associate Degrees in lieu of $13,000 on-line Associate Degrees via community colleges. I think some programs are way too expensive for what you get.

  2. Jared Stein says:

    @JTHRC $13,000 for an online Associates? We have a fully online Associates here at Utah Valley University for less than half that amount, I’m sure.

  3. John says:

    If you want a site that helps you find the right online college for your needs you should take a look at Instead of just showing you a list of schools it actually helps you find the ones that match your interests.

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