Yes, Virginia, There Still is an Education for the Aughts

I’ve undergone a bit of rebranding and started up a few new projects – had to go on a posting hiatus.

But I decided to push the button on the left, so the Aughts will resume tomorrow.

7 Responses to “Yes, Virginia, There Still is an Education for the Aughts”

  1. Our left or your left?

  2. Stephen,

    Does it matter? I always assumed that you refused to recognize that the right existed as a viable option.

    I missed you, too.

  3. Is there really any real choice? :-)

  4. Marc Benton says:

    As one of your new projects I must be partially to blame for your posting hiatus. From my point of view it was worth it. Thanks again for the great logo you provided me.

    Now get back to posting!

  5. Marc,

    Just posted – and on the same topic we’ve been working on.

    That negative space in the bottom right quadrant of the logo has been bothering me – it’s got to be filled by more than ‘User 40.0.’ The original image I used had a big block of almost nothing, so it was a challenge to fill it appropriately.

    A friend tossed me an idea last night, though, so as soon as I finish this mug of coffee and last night’s quesadilla, I’ll work in his suggestion and e-mail you a new draft.

    And wow, thanks for the kind words. I think when we’re 100% done with this logo it’s going to be solid.

  6. Justin B. says:

    Love the redesign. Very sharp looking. It has like a New Yorker feel to it. Well done.

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