EdTechTalk Conversations: Digital Footprints, Personal Responsibility – and MKT

I was pleased to join hosts Lisa Parisi and Maria Knee on Episode 19 of EdTechTalk Conversations this Sunday. We spent an hour discussing digital footprints/online image of teachers – and whether they have a special responsibility to tailor that image to the profession’s standing – when private actions bleed into the public sphere, and a ton of offshoot issues that ranged from political to lighthearted.

I had a great time talking with them both and interacting with the live listeners in the chat room. If you haven’t heard ETT Conversations before, I recommend subscribing…

… when you pop over to listen to Episode 19, of course.

One Response to “EdTechTalk Conversations: Digital Footprints, Personal Responsibility – and MKT”

  1. Thomas Vaughan says:

    Well done Matt.

    Thanks for shining your considerable light on our plight. Please keep watching. Our local bloggers are kept more safe when well known and respected blogs like yours keep us in the public eye. That cant hammer us when they know people like you will spot light their behavior.

    Newspapers will be gone but blogs will remain. They don’t get that yet.

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