BREAKING VIDEO: Progressive Educators, Conservatives Fight Over Arne Duncan’s Secretary of Education Appointment

arne duncan, secretary of education nominee

It’s official – Chicago’s Arne Duncan will be the new Secretary of Education.

The Twittersphere is abuzz as are the blogs. There’s no shortage of Duncan-related link dumps. You can get started on your own personal Duncan Familiarity Web Research Project over at Mr. Russo’s This Week in Education. Oil your scroll wheels, kids – there’s a lot to see.

I’ve pulled two clips that represent the two camps pow-wowing on Twitter.

First, the “progressives,” who feel betrayed and saddened that a charter stooge like Duncan will run the DoE in President-Elect Obama’s Land of Hopenchange:

I see four little scamps in the video – I’ve named them Constructiraptor, CharterRage, Unionmartyr and Dewey. I’d be remiss if I didn’t honor ed school ideology properly with a little Dewey-worship.

Actually, strike that – our fuzzy little Dewey’s had a name change. He’s now Hornswaggle.

And boy, are they panicking. I assume that piece of food is a piece of medium-rare public teat.

Look at’em fight!

But the progressives aren’t alone. There’s horror on the other side, too. Ms. Malkin, a favorite of mine, has missed the mark badly. Following E.M.’s lead, she’s popped three Alka-Seltzers in her mouth – Bill Ayers, Everyday Math and the Annenberg Challenge – taken a gulp of blog-soda and shaken her head vigorously. Here’s the resulting Duncan-drool from Malkin and E.M..

I’m as sympathetic to those arguments as anyone, especially on the Conservative side. I don’t, however, conflate three problems into criticizing Duncan’s appointment – Malkin et al. have made a mistake.

These scream queens sum up the Conservative reaction:

And then there are the more sensible folks like the Democrats for Education Reform. Peep their statement on Duncan’s selection.

Me? Well, I wouldn’t have chosen him, but we could’ve gotten much, much worse. Like Linda Darling-Hammond worse.

We’re in for a wild ride. I’ll criticize Duncan’s poor ideas and praise the good ones.

3 Responses to “BREAKING VIDEO: Progressive Educators, Conservatives Fight Over Arne Duncan’s Secretary of Education Appointment”

  1. I dig the tasmanian devils. Nice touch.

    Thanks for being intellectually honest enough to criticize Malkin and the incomprehensible right-wing (I think) dominatrix at

    When did Michelle Malkin become an expert in mathematics or mathematics learning? Do they just scour the landscape for something to attack? Sheesh!

  2. PS: The “Democrats” for School Reform don’t resemble any Democrats I know.

    I guess you have to love how big our party’s tent is.

  3. Dr. Stager,

    First, thank you for reminding me that you went to graduate school. Had you not put that Ph.D. after your name, I would have likely addressed you as Gary.

    The horror!

    Second, I’d leave a fuller comment in reply, but then I’d run the risk of suggesting to others that I take you more seriously than I do. Though I read just about every word you write, I’d prefer to keep it honest.

    Third, you need to meet some more Democrats. Perhaps a Blue Dog, or at least one of those Democrats who pretends to be one? We have some out in the countryside.

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