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I don’t have any of those classic Ellis Island immigrant stories in my family. We’ve been here for centuries, literally – and we were Mayflower types to start. It’s interesting to process American history in such a consistent, linear way relative to others’ jutting, surprise-filled family trees.

But, as with all things, there are negatives to that lineage. One is that the richness of languages that pervade so many American families largely bypassed my clan. No Italian grandparents muttering Old Countryisms in the kitchen, etc.

So, language acquisition/training was never my strength – partly due to little exposure, partly because I pick it up at a slower pace than most. I’m still trying, and I’m always interested in new software and new services that have the potential to introduce languages to the willing. has all sorts of features for individuals, businesses and teachers. Their language suites include audio and video, while their website appears to include blogs to help learn 8 different languages. Check out a few of their common programs – the default tab is for that language’s blog:

Does anyone know how Transparent compares with other popular suites/programs? Any success stories, any criticism? Any indications of its effectiveness from a quick glimpse at the site?

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  1. Maya Frost says:

    Hi Matthew,

    This site looks good, but there are loads of others that might offer more…

    I like using video lessons–and especially appreciate subtitles, being able to slow it down and in general anything that helps me pick up what I might have missed the first time through. is great for that.

    I also appreciate having a language buddy who will correct my written Spanish online. allows you to connect with a native language speaker (in 100 countries!) and correspond directly (no cost). It’s a straight-to-the-people approach that is gaining popularity on numerous language learning sites, including (great for finding a tutor on ANY subject).

  2. judy says:

    Hi Matthew ,

    I am learning languages also ,and i find a new site for learning languages is no bad , the site have read \write\listen\talk\game and you also can have you own dictionaries and words .

    Hope this can be help for you .The site is

  3. Like you my family came over pre-Ellis Island and was hard core English. This is an interesting resource, and what better way to teach language than by being transparent. :)

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