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I’ve written several times that foreign languages aren’t my strong point. I try to keep active a network of people I can go to when I need some sort of translation into English – or when I’m attempting to write something brief in a language other than English and I need to ensure that I’m not completely embarrassing myself.

I still manage to do that too often, though I wouldn’t be so bad if the rest of the world spoke and read Latin.

Bothering those Italian or French or Russian experts takes up valuable currency, so I use online resources – forums, translators, etc. – when I can. I came across and bookmarked it for those non-emergency foreign language needs.

The format is quite simple. You submit your text and someone fluent in that language corrects your mistakes or affirms what you’ve written. You can do the same thing for others. Here’s an example, a passage written in English about learning at school:

“People are learning at any time when they are awake. From they are born to when they are death, people never stop learning, maybe they do not realize it. A infant learns the world by touching things he can reach or biting everything he can get. When we read book we see a world describe by the writer and it is the world that we never know.”

Not too far from accurate, and I’m sure that some of you teachers out there wish you got paragraphs that solid.

So, we’d sign up to CorrectMyText, log in and post the following correction:

“People are learning any time they are awake. From the time they are born to the time they die, people never stop learning. Maybe they don’t even realize it. An infant learns about the world by touching things he can reach or biting everything he can get. When we read a book we see a world described by the writer, and that is a world we otherwise would never know.”

There ya go, folks. Correct some text or be corrected – it’s handy either way. Very neat site.

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  1. Maria says:

    Thanx for the message! I am looking right now for a special site where I can develop my grammar skills. Thanx, I have noticed that it is realy nice resource.

  2. Marcy Webb says:

    Matthew, there is a book on language learning you may want to check out. I seem to recall a post on your blog from some time ago re: the topic. Here is the link:

    The book may be purchased from here in the United States.

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