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NEA: 19 Calls and Letters to a 6-Year Old

Mr. Pullen, The Elementary Educator, has written an open letter to the NEA. He’s just received his 19th call/letter from the National Education Association requesting that he vote for their preferred candidate. Here’s the postcard:

The problems? Mr. Pullen explains:

1. This makes 19 times you’ve contacted Josh Pullen to try to persuade him to vote for Barack Obama (through 9 pieces of mail and 10 phone calls). Once was fine, twice was tolerable, but 19 contacts is ridiculous.

2. Your staffer should at least know how to spell Senator Obama’s first name correctly.

3. Josh Pullen, this person you’ve contacted 19 times, is MY SON. HE IS SIX YEARS OLD.

Please make it stop.

The NEA and its brethren consistently moan about low pay for teachers, shortfalls in school budgets, teachers buying their own supplies, etc. If you’ve got an example of hardship and martyrdom, someone at the AFT or NEA is whining about it.

All these gripes – and many of them are real problems – and the NEA spends its time, money and other resources on contacting a 6-year old 19 times. I understand that Mr.  Pullen is in Michigan, but c’mon.

Kierra Bell, You’re a Hero. Monica Conyers, You’re a Thug.

Kierra Bell, an 8th grader at Courtis Elementary/Middle School in Detroit, is one to watch.

In a panel with Detroit City Council President pro tem Monica Conyers, who has proven herself a loudmouthed goon in recent months, Ms. Bell dressed down Ms. Conyers in a remarkable, sensible fashion.

Take a look [RSS readers, click here]:

Note Conyers’ dismissive facial expressions and eye movements as Bell discusses Conyers verbal attack on a Council member whom Conyers called “Shrek.”

Then Bell explains that Council members should be able to set an example for the young and chides Conyers for having done something childish:

Bell: “… but you’re [Conyers] an adult, we have to look up to you.”

Conyers: [condescendingly] “Absolutely.”


Bell: “… calling another adult ‘Shrek?’ That’s something a second-grader would do.”

Conyers: “And so at school, you’ve never done that, you’ve never said anything that you shouldn’t have said inappropriately [sic]?”

Bell: “But we are kids –”

Conyers: [cutting off the student] “But that’s not my question though. Have you ever done that?”

Bell: “I said yes.”

Conyers: “Oh, ok. Alright. So, and you did it out of frustration also, right?”

Bell: “Yes.”

Conyers: “And so we’re all human, right?”

Bell: “We’re human, but you have to know your boundaries. He’s [the man called Shrek] the President –”

Conyers: [cutting off Bell] “Of what?”

Bell: “Of the City Council.”

Conyers: “And so you think that because someone is the President then they have a right not to allow other people to be heard?”

Bell: “They’re allowed to let other people be heard, but not in a disrespectful way.”

Conyers: “… to me he was being disrespectful.”

Bell: “He was, but you didn’t have to call him a name.”

Conyers: “But now you’re telling me what I should have and should not have done.”

Bell: “You’re an adult, you have that choice.”

Conyers: “I’m what?” [surprised]

Bell: “You’re an adult. You had that choice.”

Conyers: “And everybody has choices.”

Bell: “Well, sometimes people need to think before they act.”

Conyers: “Ok, well I’m not going to be combative with you, young lady.”

Too late, Ms. Conyers – you made your bed and an 8th grader put you in it.

Ms. Bell was incredibly measured and respectful throughout this exchange – thank God we have the video to prove that. Despite constant provocation and prodding by Conyers, Bell keeps her cool and sticks to the argument at hand.

Conyers should be ashamed of herself for this one. But, of course, she won’t be. I wonder if she’ll threaten to get a gun and shoot Kierra Bell like she’s allegedly done in the past?

Game, set, match to Kierra Bell.

And to Ms. Conyers, who ought to be removed from the Council post-haste:

ya got served, monica conyers!

Conyers, ya got served by an 8th grader who has likely forgotten more about being a responsible adult in public service than you’ll ever know.

Sometimes leaders lead by example; other times they give us wonderful lessons in how not to go about things. Thanks for that, Ms. Conyers. [hat tip:]


Charlie LeDuff’s exclusive interview with Monica Conyers is here:

Detroit News’ LeDuff is hilarious, Conyers is despicable. It’s a must-watch.

My favorite part might be when LeDuff asks Conyers to give a 15-second pitch to “come live in Detroit.” Part of her answer?

“Good schools.”

LeDuff has her read through a transcript of the “Shrek” incident. She’s incredibly proud of what she said and how she said it.

Good schools? Good grief.